Simeon Panda Profile: Natural or Steroids Guide For 2024

Explore the ultimate guide to Simeon Panda's profile, whether you're interested in natural bodybuilding or the use of steroids in 2024.

Here are Simeon Panda’s stats

Height: 6 ft 1
Weight: 230lbs
Estimated Body fat: 7%

Simeon’s measurements (approximate):

Arms: 21 inches
Chest: 50 inches
Waist: 31 inches

Before Famous

He competed in Musclemania contests around the world; he became the European Winner in 2013.

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He has gathered an impressive 3 .4 million Instagram followers and also growing and 4.7 million fans on his Facebook page . He regularly judges body, modeling and muscle building shows around the world.

Family Life

He is definitely from London, England and has four brothers along with a sister.

Linked To

He was featured in Forbes 2017 Best Influencers List for health and fitness behind Kayla Itsines.

More About Simeon Panda

Simeon Panda is an English bodybuilder from England, who have got the probably the most beautiful physiques on the planet.

Simeon’s increase to publicity is mostly because of his massive upper body mass, along with an extremely tiny waist.

Oh, along with the simple fact he claims to be a long time natural.

His muscles have gained him a Musclemania Professional card, competing together with the lives of Kali Muscle and also Chul Soon, jeff seid. He’s additionally landed a sponsorship with supplement giant – MyProtein.

Due to declaring natty, he’s gained over 4 .7 million fans on his Fb profile ( greater than Phil Heath and Kai Greene ).

Similarly, Simeon’s obtained quite a bit of physical abuse on the internet; with folks calling him a liar along with a disgrace to the market.

They are massive measurements for a natty, along with several people searching for Simeon may quickly assume he’s on steroids.

Therefore, let us check if there’s really any material behind these steroid accusations, or if in reality, Simeon’s telling the reality.

Proof That Simeon Panda IS on Steroids

Jason Blaha and Nattyornot .com possess the exact same viewpoint that Simeon Panda is on steroids.

For the reason that they say he weighs the just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime – who accepted to using steroids.

Both of these are really naive to believe Simeon and Arnold are in truth the same size…just simply because they read someplace that they have the exact same stats.

Think exactly what, stats are often increased, and usually they’re just wrong.

Simeon actually said this once in a meeting with CutAndJacked:

Musclemania : Weak Drug Testing

Simeon Panda competes in the muscle mass building federation – Musclemania .

Mainly because talked about in Chul Soon’s steroid analysis, Musclemania drug checks are simple to beat.

For the reason that they check competitors just after their events, which means the sports athletes can strategically program exactly when to come off steroids to be able to pass the urinalysis test – simply because they know the time frame.

Therefore although it’s easy to pass Musclemania drugs tests if perhaps you’re on the juice, it doesn’t provide any kind of proof to recommend Simeon Panda is on steroids, as he might be passing these types of tests as an all natural.

Therefore, there’s no genuine proof to recommend Simeon is on roids.

Folks are just accusing Panda of utilizing steroids based on his size. There’s simply no credibility behind any one of these statements at all.

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