Mike O’Hearn – Steroids or he is Natural? Guide For 2021

Powerlifter, Fitness Model, Television Star and Entrepreneur, Mike O’hearn continues to be around for many years and is continuing to going powerful, exactly like his workout routines. His hard and also heavy strategy to training is the complete distinct to his personal and also family life. Dealing with charities and also raising money for "Good Dog Aminal Rescue Center” together with the "Just Keep Livin." Mike’s got a large heart and retains on giving.

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Mike O'hearn
Weight: 245 - 255lbs (111.1 - 115.7kg)
Height: 6'3" (190.5cm)
Year of Birth: 1969
Nationality: American
Profession: Bodybuilder, Model, Entrepreneur

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Mike O’Hearn – Steroids Or He Is
Natural? Guide For 2021

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Michael ( Mike ) O’Hearn is a health and fitness model/bodybuilder/actor from the United States of America who’s been crowned Mr. Universe champion 4 times and also fitness model of the year seven occasions.

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Mike’s additionally made a look on the American program "Gladiators", exactly where he appeared on the genuine show as the Titan" as well as in the later show up as "Thor".

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…He additionally happens to believe he’s Superman.

Don’t just accept where you stand at in your life . when you need to be better, perform much better. If you wish to be more, perform a lot more. It’s all on you. Do it right!

Mike is currently one of the most-followed body builders in the world.He’s built up over 900,000 followers on his Facebook web page


1997 INBA Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championships 1st
1997 INBA Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championships 1st
2015 NPC Washington Ironman 1st
2015 NPC Idaho Muscle Classic NP

If you choose to a bit investigative study and happen to be familiar with steroid side effects, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to obtain a wise decision in case a guy is juicing or otherwise not.

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Here’s almost all the hard information I’ve collected associated with Mike O’Hearn along with the possibility of him using steroids.

Evidence Mike’s NOT on Steroids

He’s Passed Drug Tests

in the event that he competed in the Natural Mr. Universe with the NBA, he would’ve needed to cross a number of drug tests.

This consists of a polygraph ( lie detector ), urine and also blood tests which would’ve been finished at random occasions in the year.

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Usually, bodybuilders are going to stop running a certain steroid before levels of competition, so that it can pass out of their program in time to pass a medicines test. This really is how tests Maybe defeated.

On the other hand, the INBA works unique testing throughout every season to stop steroid-users falling through the net.

Consequently, the random factor makes it basically impossible for these tests to be overcome on a consistent basis…and Mike has 4 titles.



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